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quite rightly
my oc that i recreated from my bonnie kind to him, pease
frisk by YerBlues99
i started the pacifist run

...yes, i am aware of the emotional stab to the gut i will eventually get
Fnaf2 by YerBlues99
same with this, i did this around the same time as the first one. i dont care about the toys that much, tbh i only pay attention to the original four but i did put some thought and personality to all of them except toy freddy BC I DIDNT CARE ENOUGH....his is so shitty i want to vomit but the other 3 are pretty rad so
Fnaf1 by YerBlues99
these are a few months old, i think they date back to February. i've altered freddy and foxy's design a bit but chica and bonnie's are the same. idk why i never uploded these onto here.......strange, man 


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Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
i'm emily

18 years young

lover of legend of zelda, ouran, sgt frog, one piece, steven universe, banjo kaooie, the beatles, five nights at freddys, welcome to hell, drawing, potatoes, hulu+netflix, complaining, and a whoooole lotta porn

currently residing on long island, senior in high school

i hate my life
tagged by AthenaxVio to answer the 10 questions she left for me…I'm not clever enough to think of my own so just enjoy these random facts yo

1. What are you wearing right now?
a black sweatshirt, purple leggings, black boots and a white and black stripped headband

2. Guilty pleasure?
oh ooooh uh LOL basically reading fanfic of any fandom bc sometimes fandoms are weird and while looking and doing fan art is one thing uuhh fanfics can get nuts

3. Favorite fanfiction?
fuck uh LOL I'm either too embarrassed to link them or they're so outdated…idk i feel better ici don't reveal that

4. Favorite book?
i thoroughly enjoyed glass castle by jeanette walls and i adore my inside the yellow submarine book which is just filled with back to back info about the movie

5. Do you listen to a specific genre of music or whatever sounds good/appeals to you?
pretty much anything that isn't straight up country or heavy metal/screamo. i can do songs that have a mix of things like rock and roll mixed with country, y'know? i mostly go for rock and jazz/american songbook/musical theater

6. Worst thing you've ever tasted?
i use to take this god awful medicine when was younger, around 8 years old. it was white, thick and how chunky textured things in it…my mom had to stare me down or else i would try to dump it in the sink when she wasn't looking lmao

7. Know any good stories? Tell us one.
ok this is terrible and it might be considered awful to everyone else but to me and my friend but here it goes LOL my friend andrea has an aunt and she hates her with a burning passion. the aunt is her mom's aunt, so she's ancient. she's in gross shape; overweight, diabetes, heart problems and to top it all off she has a nasty personality. she hates children and talks down to andrea and her siblings whenever andrea's parents aren't around. because she was lonely living by herself and her declining health, the aunt moved in with them. 

alright so one weekend we were working and when we came home i helped andrea, her younger sister and her younger sister's boyfriend with her chores. this part is blurry because i can't remember where everyone was but the phone rang and the answer machine picked it up and on the other line was a woman and the woman was calling out for the aunt, saying that her life alert went off. they all start panicking and the woman is shouting that they were gonna send the police/ambulance if she doesn't respond and andrea and her sister try telling the woman that their aunt is alright because the aunt is calling out from her bathroom that she was fine. I'm just sitting on the couch watching them talk on the phone until her aunt stumbles in, in her robe…open…and i saw all her wrinkly goodness LOL i felt the gorge rise in my throat and i turned away like i wanted to laugh cry and vomit at the same time. turns out the aunt accidentally set of her life alert somehow??? but she was really fine and she went back into her room. andrea hangs up and she sees my face red and she's like what and i think andrea still owes mea lot for making me see her aunt's bare saggy tits and beer belly and almost going blind but its ight 

8. The last song you listened to?
bathtub gin- phish

9. The last movie you watched?
roger and hammerstein's carousel 

10. You have the opportunity to have a million dollars for one weekend, but you have to spend it all in that weekend or whatever is left will disappear. What do you do?
oh god i saw this post on tumblr with the guy who did all the math LOL

idk i think i have enough time to a buy a lot of shit that i want (i actually made a list of my wants not too long ago) and by the end of the weekend, whether or not i got everything i wanted, i'd give the rest to charity 

yea this was fun
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