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King of the World by Darkie4Eva

very cute!! Blue sleeping :heart: certainly seems like something he'd dream about xD his hand clutching the front of his tunic is a nice touc...


Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
i'm emily

17 years young

lover of legend of zelda, ouran, the beatles, five nights at freddys, welcome to hell, drawing, complaining and a whoooole lotta porn

currently residing on long island, senior in high school

i hate my life
since it's dA's b-day and all ugh

alright i'll do a little something :heart:

it's actually close my my dA anniversary too...late august 2007 was when i first joined on my surfgirl10 account. (((that was such a randomly picked username i remember thinking over it so much...i think i got it from one of my friend's email address lmao i never surfed in my life nor did i care for it)))

but yeah i joined dA because i would look up pictures online and find all these hand drawn pictures that linked me to this website, and when i discovered it was indeed an art website i got excited and created an account right 10 years old LOL (hence the 10 at the end of surfgirl)

because i was a good little noodle, i got afraid of being banned because of my age (the age you were allowed to join was and still is 13??) so i lied and at the time, said my age was 15. i basically gave myself a fake persona and stole pictures from one of my brother's friend's facebook page and said it was me...

by the way, at the time, this was the most impossible thing for me to admit because this website was my fucking life (no facebook or myspace or tumblr or youtube; i had none of that. just this website) so i tried so hard to conceal my private life and make it seem like i was a teenager. over time, i made little acquaintances here and there, gained some followers that frequently commented on my very crappy scanned rough pencil sketched pics of princess peach and zelda, and eventually joined my own group of friends around 2008-2009.

sadly, i'm no close to any of them any more due to a rough falling out, but oh my god there is never a day where i don't regret being their friends. they made me so happy, they helped me take my mind off my real life (it was also the beginning of me transforming into a shut in and introvert LOL), we all had the same interests, and we would spend almost every night drawing together on a japanese website called pchat?? shit i cant even remember the name but it was a very sketchy drawing/chat site that had bad quality tools, and then we slowly transitioned to if you to the depths of my gallery here, i'm sure you'll find some of these collabs.

meanwhile, these friends of mine were tricked by the fact i was lying about myself being a (then) 16 year old girl 

and then one day LOL i remember, it was the day before 4th of july in...i think 2008??

but the girl i was stealing the pictures from and claiming they were me, coincidentally, had a dA and for some lucky reason, her friends were the one to discover my gallery, immediately alerted her, and that whooooole group sent me THOUSANDS of messages and threats overnight, ordering me to take the pictures down and calling me insulting things...i think i was 12 when this happened. and i was scared sHITLESS

i honestly can't even tell you the type of stuff they said because the second i read the first comment i started crying hysterically and began frantically deleting all 100 messages left for me that morning. i was shaking, scared, crying omg i was a dramatic shit because i knew my followers could see those messages and it left me no choice but to come out

so later that day i typed on a really long journal entry admitting i wasn't this pretty 16 year old girl with dyed hair and tattoos and i was actually a prepubescent girl in 6th grade who lied just because i didn't want to get banned from dA for my age (even worse i had to LIE again and say i was 13, when i was really 12 because of the age restriction again)

soooo after i released that journal mostly all my followers commented and i think overall, they were alright with that whole thing. they were shocked and confused, saying it would be hard to not see me as the persona i created, but said they still liked me and will continue to follow me. unfortunately, for my closer friends, it was MUCH harder on them aaaand in my eyes, it left a permanent scar on our relationship. they were very angry at me, felt betrayed, and even told me they needed some time "away" from me in order to let this whole revelation sink in. i only had like..2 or 3 friends in that whole group who brushed it off and were willing to talk to me shortly after they found out the truth. but as a whole, i new i wasn't welcomed there anymore, to put it bluntly lol. i felt like an outsider and i was ashamed of myself, but i still hung out with them, and even then, we still had a good time. but it didn't feel the same.

...of course i can laugh about it now, especially because none of them follow or talk to me anymore AHAHA;;;..ahah...sometimes i think about them, but i'm too shy to bother them.

this was also around the time i created this account to have a clean start

as i was still hanging out with them, i got into four swords *clutches heart* ahh, july 2009. i read the manga online and instantly fell in love with it. i drew them alllll the time and in some time, i discovered these link plz accounts, especially :iconbluelinkplz: when i saw they were interactive, i immediately started fuckin with the Blue account LOL and hoooly shit that was so much fun. i remember going back and forth through comments with these accounts, and i eventually discovered lizabey was the person behind the account. tbh my memory is kinda fuzzy on how i REALLY got there, but i somehow ended up going to the AskEzlo chatroom which was run by an ezlo account on here, and i met a whooole lotta people there; people who really helped shape my life here on dA, and whom i still talk/am friendly with them today like starlight-carnival, Ocelein, Sadisc0, JawmesBetaBuild, MayJasmine, Takibaby and so many other people it's impossible for me to remember every single person..because there were so many :heart: but some, unfortunately, i have drifted away from..but that doesn't mean they didn't mean anything to me.

since then, i have drifted away from that group, but during that time i have met my best friend the twins, AllThatIsResa and perfectlycomfy, because or mothers worked together and they found out that both their daughters go on this art website <3 we exchanged usernames and i eventually met the irl and spent 3 wonderful years of school with them ;v;v;v; :heart:
i've also met a handful of people whom i never really met in a big group, but rather spent more time one on one with them, whether they discovered me or i found them and i couldn't be happier to have them in my life :heart: Kelly0Green, LittleLeeloo,DJtheDemon, DoodleCookies, LannaMisho, LoftwingRider, Mormoka, Winged-Obsessor, the-keeper-of-bee2 and like i can't even link every single person on my friends list because i either forgot what your up to date username is or you're never active anymore idk but shit

im getting emotional LOL

i can't believe i've been on here for 7 years and i've made so many memories and friends...lets take a look at the past and some statistics shall we 

pageviews: 95,703
comments: 26,164 (Shit)
deviations: 1,267
watchers: 653

most comments: I saw what you did thar (oh god it looks horrible )
most favorites: Four Swords- DS (yeah i use to be proud of this LOL)

the very first deviation i posted on this account even tho it was taken from my previous one <3333
Peachy Blossom .:sketch:.
and my most recent c:

im so emotional i might vomit

i dont know what else to way without sounding like a broken record b ut 

i still suck at drawing

ok go carry on with your lives
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